Karen Backes-Dothage takes front and center on lead vocals. Invincible Heart fulfills her lifelong dream of performing the music of her idols, Pat Benatar and Ann Wilson.

Courtney Dothage, a Berklee College of Music alumnus, and Mike Vizcarra trade roles of lead and rhythm guitar, as well as backing vocals, culminating in an intoxicating sound that is indistinguishable from the "real thing."

Jim Keneipp is the keyboard extraordinaire. His many musical talents include playing bass guitar in addition to his exceptional abilities on keys.

Daniel Buckley, longtime bassist with a background in heavy metal and rock music, adds the thunder to the sound with his resounding bass riffs and backing vocals. 

Clint Krcmar rounds out the group as the drummer, holding the band together with his punctilious rhythm required by the intricate Benatar and Heart tunes.

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